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“Here’s How to Setup Your OWN
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Now more than ever, you MUST have an online presence if you want to sell ANY type of products: Digital, Physical, Print-on-Demand, Software, Services and more! Unfortunately, there are SO MANY solutions available that they make the website building process confusing and hard. 

    • Which website builder is the BEST one? 

    • I want to sell POD products...where do I begin? 

    • I need a Brand Site that showcases my experience and my products. How do I create one?
Starting Your Own Site Can Go From Zero to Intimidating Really Quickly!
The best solution for a website ultimately comes down to what you want to use the website for. If your focus is on selling products, there is an obvious choice. Looking to build a brand site, there is also a great option!
Watch as I Build Two Ecom Websites Using Shopify and SquareSpace...
For this “How-To Short Takes” Training, you can watch, over my shoulder, as I build TWO websites for e-commerce. One will use the popular sales platform, Shopify. The other will be built with the all-in-one platform, SquareSpace!

During this how-to training, I will start from scratch with brand-new accounts to create finished websites with actual products for sale JUST to show you how YOU can (and should) do this YOURSELF!
Introducing...“Short Takes – Ecommerce” 
“Short Takes – E-commerce” is a brand-new 2-Module training that reveals how to easily build your own e-commerce site using two of today's most popular platforms: Shopify and SquareSpace.

Here is what you can expect from this training:

Module One: Shopify
    • The entire process from beginning to end.
    • Recommended themes and apps.
    • And Much More!

Module Two: SquareSpace
    • The entire process from beginning to end.
    • Recommended templates and extensions.
    • And Much More!

    • Demo of Setting Up Ecom Products for a New Etsy Shop.
Be Up and Running With Your OWN Online Store THIS Weekend...
This level of in-depth training should easily be priced at $97 or higher, but with the uncertain times we currently are in, I am pricing this at a rate ANYONE can afford...
Just $97 $27
LIVE Teaching Schedule: Thursday, March 26, 2020 @ 4pm ET, Friday, March 27, 2020 @ 4pm ET!
Join the “Short Takes – Ecommerce” 
Only $97 $27 for a LIMITED TIME!
Secure payments through Paypal...
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